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My favorite means to adventure into the Global Garden

  • To record encounters with people, exotic landscapes, exteriors, interiors, food, items, maps, tales, scenes, and events without use of a camera or video
  • But i now carry a “PnC”* for images that change too quick to sketch


  • Pay your own way
  • Carry your own weight
  • The Path is not a road
  • Avoid means of personal transport whenever possible
  • Travel with only what you can carry on your person
    • To keep your hands empty
    • To pursue when need arises 
  • • What goes around does come around; act accordingly
  •    Whether you believe it or not
  • Play dumb; don’t ever be dumb
    • Do not carry a bad attitude
    • Unless willing to back it up and die trying
  • There will be peace or else.

* [Point and Capture camera: emailable, downloadable, uploadable, Skypeable images]