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Alex in Underland

Alex returns home, finds everyone is under attack.

The Yellowjacket

Can No One Stop Her?

The Scalper

THE BUSH WARS Since H G wells wrote War Of The Worldsscientists around the globe have sought to makescience fiction science fact. ©2007 Jason Colvard and James ShermanAuthor: Jason ColvardDesigner-illustrator: James Sherman ...

The Jester

Humankind is about to discover it's not alone Means the end of life as we know it © 2016 James Sherman • Author, writer, designer, illustrator: James Sherman [armelse] Read Current Issue...

The Barrier

Too little was known of it and history failed to believe ©2016 David Hudson and James Sherman Author-writer: David HudsonDesigner-illustrator: James Sherman Coming soon! [armelse] Read Current Issue...

Legendary Silke

Bounty + Babes = Big BulletsSend lawyers, guns, and money! When Silke takes action,she aims to get her man...Lets no one get in her way. Author-designer-illustrator: James Sherman©1992, 2016 James Sherman SHE'LL BE BACK!New episodes in progress. [arm_restrict_content...


Mescalito Memories Not just another pleasant night on the town Gone Author: James Sherman ©2016 James Sherman

Food Fight

MS NUTRITION  A sassy short story Based on pertinent informationculled from books, documentary videos, and articles to protect yourself and familyfrom getting caught in the world war waged by food manufacturers. ©2010 James ShermanAuthor/Designer-illustrator: James Sherman Chapter 2 in...

Ferocious Comics

The Treasure of Ferro City

A series exploring lethal schemes and ferocious action.

©2016 Vincent Modica and Shevarnazi Calle and James Sherman
Authors: Vincent Modica and Shevarnazi Calle
Writers: Vincent Modica, Shevarnazi Calle, James Sherman
Designers: Vincent Modica, Shevarnazi Calle, James Sherman
Penciller-Illustrator: James Sherman 
Letterers: Shevarnazi Calle, Vincent Modica
Colors: Vincent Modica, James Sherman

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James Sherman Comix

Focal Point

Comments from clients & readers:

“James pays uncanny attention to subtext and detail. He tells my stories by designing everything from clothing to architecture to help set the proper mood for the characters.”

“Each face has its own personality. I can feel what his characters are thinking. James Sherman illustrates thought!”

“James Sherman has a knack for making you feel something real is going on. I feel like I can step right through the panels into that world.”